"Waraira Repano" National Park (formerly just known as "El Ávila" National Park) is located in Caracas, Venezuela. Recently, it was renamed to shed light on indigenous culture in Venezuela and honor the first inhabitants in that territory: the Caribe tribe.

In indigenous mythology, it is said that Waraira Repano once used to be a plain terrain, so flat that the coast was even able to be seen! One day, the Caribe Tribe offended the Goddess of the Sea and due to their offenses, she wanted to destroy the area. She raised an enormous wave to rid the land of them. As the wave was descending and about to fall onto everyone and everything, the whole Caribe Tribe got down on their knees to beg for the Goddess’ forgiveness. She then showed pity for the people and stopped the wave before it hit them, which turned into the great mountains that exist today.
 “La Mar Hecha Tierra” (written in the painted sky) translates to “The Sea turned to Land”

This piece was made to honor a part of Venezuelan indigenous history before colonization