The portrait on the wall depicts Juan Guaidó. He declared himself acting Venezuelan president on January 23rd, 2019. Since then, the U.S. government has recognized him as the legitimate interim president. Subsequently, other countries showed some support.

A sector of the country had certain hopes of an improvement with him. As time went by, it was demonstrated that Guaido's political figure was unable to achieve support among Public Powers (judicial, electoral, executive, legislative, and moral) in the country. Hope turned into disappointment and anger when his followers realized that they had been used to legitimize a farce that was instrumental in the attack on the country they love.

Under Guaido’s figure, repeated text across cardboard lines read as: “NOS U.S.A" (we’re being used) accompanied by periods between u, s, and a, representing United States' acronym and that country’s blatant involvement with Guaidó.