This piece is based on "El Árbol para Vivir" (The Tree for Living), a set of residential modules of multi-family apartments built in 1993 and designed by architect Fruto Vivas. Instead of being the conventional vertical building, this building features horizontal blocks that are connected by vertical metal structures whose shapes form 13-meter tall sculptures that adorn all surrounding apartments and also all incorporated parks located on the ground floor. This building has the distinctive vibrant colors of the Caribbean and is a landmark from my hometown Lechería in Anzoátegui, Venezuela. 

The perspective in which this painting approaches "El Árbol para Vivir" includes a small local ice cream place and supermarket that I used to visit frequently when I lived in Lechería. These businesses were built around 2011 and gradually became a frequent spot for those residing in and around "El Árbol para Vivir."