This artwork depicts two girls gazing into the distance. One of them holds a kite whose tails bear the colors of the Venezuelan flag. The kite’s tails contains lyrics from Alma Llanera, a Venezuelan song from 1914 that is widely regarded as a symbol of national identity. This song has since become a second national anthem in the country, evoking a sense of appreciation of Venezuelan culture and idiosyncrasy. The lyrics on the kite's tails translate to "I love, cry, sing, dream."
The girls' surroundings are transformed into a childlike wonderland, where birds soar overhead, the sun shines bright, and carnations bloom in bunches of eight, symbolizing the number of stars on the Venezuelan flag. This is another reference to Alma Llanera that continues the lyrics mentioned before: "I love, cry, sing, dream with carnations of passion." This artwork pays tribute to Venezuelan culture as Alma Llanera is a national treasure that remains as a source of inspiration to all Venezuelans.